United Dairy Farmers
Rebranding Concept

This project began by wanting to take a fresh look at the Ohio based company United Dairy Farmers,
or as many refer to it UDF. The core idea was to change the perception we have of UDF, in a marketplace full of corner shops and convenient stores.

One of the major things that was focused on was that they are still essentially a local company, based in Ohio and with locations only in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. This can be used to their advantage, by showcasing other local brands within their stores and sourcing from local farms within the states they reside. This would help engage the local shopper and expand their reach into a new customer base. A simplified website helps highlight, what makes United Dairy Farmers unique, while promoting special products through a time responsive site, so early in morning it would showcase coffee and breakfast, while late at night it would offer snacks and other items. The advertisements would retain the characteristics of the new brand, using large playful photos and short concise copy.

Role: Graphic Design and Art Direction